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For a person, nothing is as important as a first impression. The same goes for design. The first page influences the rest.

Hello, I am TWOSEC and live in South Korea. I started design and programming three years ago, and I am currently a freelance. As a designer, I know how important design is. Just as the first impression of a person is important, also the first impression of design is important. a person's first impression is determined in 3 seconds, and 200 times more information is needed to change that first impression.

As I am well aware, most of our clients are satisfied with the results, striving to make their designs look awesome and simple.

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Email: twosec@l1ly.co
Discord: twosec#8368
About twosec

Designer, C++ & Java Developer, from Korea.

Discord: twosec#8368

Phone: +82 10 5249 4936